CDA Board Member Information

What the Cross District Association of Tacoma does for Neighborhood Business Districts

Planning and prioritization

Each spring the CDA reviews its priorities and initiatives and presents those to the general board, the City of Tacoma’s Community & Economic Development Department, the City Council and other agencies which provide support to the organization. From these initiatives are formed the sub-committees made up of volunteers who advance the purpose of the priorities and develop action plans for the year.

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Organizational Bylaws

NEW this year! — CDA Calendar Booklet — contains information about meetings around the City.

General Board Meeting Minutes: Please contact Us for current year meeting minutes.


Among other successful promotional tools, the CDA funds websites for each and every district.
Take a tour of the districts — Experience Greater Tacoma Shopping Guide

Advocacy and government relations

Parking committee, tax incentives, skills training, and economic restructuring are all examples of initiatives the Cross District Association is involved in.

Purposful networking

Each month the CDA general board meets to learn more about services the City provides, major projects in process that will support small business, and to network with other business owners who have similar goals and aspirations. Sub-committee chair report progress toward goals and important initiatives are voted on at these meetings. For more information about the CDA monthly meetings and other events Click Here.

In addition to the monthly meetings and special social events, periodically the City co-hosts purposeful networking events. Click here for most current information.

Pass-through fund administration for tax deductable donations and community building projects

The board of Tacoma Neighborhoods Together, the 501c3 arm of the CDA, supports the districts by giving them a funding pass through option which allows for tax deductible donations to be raised. These funds support efforts in the districts to develop public art, beautification and special events that build and sustain the community in and near the neighborhood business districts.